Wednesday, February 25, 2009

marginalization and creativity...

we now consider the powerful aspects of collective unconsciousness in the formation of judgements and opinions with respect to ourselves and others. 

it is highly unlikely that if we were put in a position to state or evaluate our position in terms of racial, gender, ageist ethics and equality, that we would consider ourselves unfair. i have always thought of myself as an 
ethically minded person that views all people as being of equal value and worth in the greater society...or at least, i think that i am. well, at least as long as i am in a situation where i do not feel outnumbered or threatened or anxious....perhaps, it is in these situations that my conditioned responses come out as biases, in these moments i have a glimpse of my mind and begin to know it a little better. 

through harvard university, a team of therapists and psychologists developed a method that measures our conscious-unconscious reactions to specific stimuli, thereby allowing us to know our minds better. these methods are called the Implicit Association Tests and attempt to measure and calculate just that: our implicit responses to stimuli that form conditioned associations or a codebreaker to the unconscious?

please refer to the Harvard Implicit Association Test website:  and go to the demonstration tests, there will be 15, please choose 10 to take..take each one twice to compare your results. i hope that you are surprised by your findings and good luck.

also, i hope you enjoy the first of our featured artists for the section: antony hegarty. please refer to his interview on fresh air
with terry gross. the download or listen is available at:

happy listening and learning.


  1. where are the homework assignments posted? are they posted as PDFs? like, official homework paperwork lol